Woongarra Crematorium is Townsville’s only crematorium. Some religions prefer cremation to burial. Cremation is growing in popularity and in most city areas where cremation facilities are readily available, cremation is the preferred choice. Many people feel that cremation is the better way because of space utilization and land 
conservation. Others feel that cremation can give much greater opportunity for placing ashes in a location that has personal meaning.

Following cremation, usually a day or two later, the ashes will be available to the authorised person in a standard urn.
 There are now many creative ideas regarding the placement of ashes or memorialisation in various styles of ornamental urns, jewellery, purpose-built picture frames, memorabilia cases etc.
 Townsville’s Woongarra Crematorium also offers many types of memorial sites such as pools of reflection, garden and chapel niche walls, from which to choose. These memorials include an eighty year tenure. Cremation usually costs less than burial.