For some religions, burial is the traditional choice. Some people feel that it is the most fitting way to lay a loved one to rest, and there are often long-held rituals and symbols that may accompany a burial. 
Some religions and cultures strictly require burial and in some regional areas there are no cremation facilities and only burial is possible. Generally speaking, burial is a more expensive option than cremation.

Burials are only permitted in a designated cemetery, in full compliance with the local regulations, although in some cases, burials are permitted on large acreage rural properties, subject to local authority approval and special conditions. If you don’t have access to a pre-purchased family site in a designated cemetery, Morleys will arrange to purchase a new gravesite for you.

Most cemeteries have lawn gravesites, monumental gravesites and locations for vaults, crypts and mausoleums. It is permissible in most cemeteries to have existing family graves re-opened for further interments, and we can advise you of the regulations on request.

It is possible to purchase cemetery gravesites in advance of need, guaranteeing a site in a particular section for future burial. Some cemetery sites include future maintenance in the purchase price, in others the maintenance is the responsibility of the gravesite owner.