Specialised Services


Not all deaths occur in the city or town of residence. In this day and age, many people travel within Australia and overseas, and sadly sometimes deaths occur far away from home.
 At Morleys Funerals, we are fully conversant and experienced in the repatriation of the deceased for burial or cremation. Most overseas repatriations require liaison with Australian and International consulates and travel insurance companies and we are well experienced in this regard.

There are many laws and regulations governing the interstate and International transport of the deceased, and we are able to advise and guide you through the processes. 
Repatriations require special arrangements and planning to ensure the safe and secure transportation of the deceased. Full compliance with international laws, customs departments and other government agencies takes time. Be assured that we will do everything possible to minimise delays. We know how important it is to families to have a loved one returned home as soon as possible. We will do our very best to make this happen.


There are occasions when, for various reasons, loved ones need to be relocated from their original burial site to another location. The new burial site could be within Australia or overseas, and we are well versed in performing this type of specialised service. There are times when it is a request for the purpose of cremation and the placement of the ashes in a family gravesite.

On other occasions this service may be required for a re-interment in another grave elsewhere.
We co-ordinate this service with approvals from government agencies and co-operative assistance from cemeteries and crematoria. Obviously there are rigid regulations for this service and we are well equipped and have the professional ability to comply with these requirements.