Our Funeral Fleet

We offer one of the most modern fleets of hearses, limousines and transfer vehicles available today. Our hearses are custom built to our specification by a leading special-purpose vehicle conversion company and they incorporate many options that enhance the way we conduct our funerals in North Queensland.

Our hearses and transfer vehicles are among the best equipped vehicles available in Australia and you can be assured that they are driven with respect and kept in very clean and pristine condition, most fitting for the occasion and the dignity of loved ones.

Our fleet does include some dual cab model hearses which give up to three family members the opportunity to accompany their loved one in the hearse to the final resting place if so desired.

These vehicles undergo a regular maintenance program to ensure utmost reliability.

As well as having a large fleet of modern, state-of-the-art hearses, we also have a 1925 Buick Master Vintage Hearse which is available for those who wish to use a vehicle that is delightfully different and brings back memories of a by-gone era.