Options to Consider

Special vehicles at the funeral
Just as we have a 1925 Vintage Buick Hearse available for use as an option, it may be important for family to have other special vehicles used or on display outside the chapel or church, even participating in the funeral cortege.


Some families request a keepsake to remember their loved one. We are able to provide locks of hair, and In the case of infant death, hand and footprints and hand and foot casts by professional providers.

At Morleys Funeral Home we are very mindful of the security of valuables and there are times when by family choice, jewellery and other valuables are to remain with the loved one, and in other cases the jewellery and other significant items are to be returned to the authorised person. In all situations we recognise the importance of the security of these items and their sentimental value. We also offer urns and memorial jewellery.

Order of service booklets

We also offer service booklets for the funeral service. We can assist you with the design and layout of these and we liaise with the clergy, church or celebrant to collate these. Other pages may be devoted to poems, words of reflection, a copy of the eulogy, and of course the standard advice of the venue, day and time of the funeral, thank-you’s to appropriate people and invitation to attend post-service refreshments.

It is always wise to order a few more service booklets than the number of relatives and friends you expect to attend, as some can be posted later to those who could not attend.
 The service booklets may include photographs, verses and the like. The content is only limited by your imagination. We have the expertise and resources to produce these for you in our Multi-Media Department.

Audio visual presentations
In the age of technology we can also offer audio visual productions in our chapel. All you need to do is supply us with an array of photographs depicting your loved one’s life and memorable occasions and we will scan them and produce a DVD that can be screened at the appropriate time during the service. We do suggest that if the screening is to be done during a time of
 reflection, that you choose appropriate background music. If however, you wish to have the images screened throughout the entire service, background music is not necessary. We do strongly recommend that we produce the audio visuals as we can experience compatibility problems in the use of productions done elsewhere.

Note: We take no responsibility for the success or otherwise of screening outsourced productions. Furthermore, while these presentations can also be carried out in other venues, and we will provide as much assistance as possible to achieve this, unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for the set up and operation of equipment and screening in other venues.

Web stream
Sometimes distance, sickness and time precludes relatives and friends from attending the funeral service. We are pleased to provide facilities to web stream the funeral service live to other parts of the world via the Internet. This needs advance booking so that we can set up the necessary video connections via computer and the internet.


We have equipment in place in our chapel to audio record funeral services if you choose.
 If you require video recordings of the ceremony, we can provide an untitled, unedited version using our own equipment. If however, you require a more professional production, we engage the services of an experienced videographer who can produce an edited version with suitable titles and background music.


We can supply after service refreshments, taking away the worry of preparation, serving and cleaning up, thereby allowing your time to be better spent with family and friends. This gathering is often called the ‘wake’.
We offer a range of catering levels:

Basic Standard Premium
Includes tea, coffee, fruit juice, biscuits, small cakes, freshly cooked scones and savouries. This is the most popular choice. Includes tea, coffee, fruit juice, biscuits, small cakes, freshly cooked scones, savouries and sandwiches. Includes tea, coffee, fruit juice, biscuits, small cakes, scones, savouries, sandwiches and hot finger food.

When ordering the catering option we ask families to give us an estimate of numbers attending so that we can have adequate refreshments on hand. There is a minimum charge for all levels of catering.

Music and songs play an important role in funerals, they can enhance the value of the service. We have a large music library from which you may choose appropriate music. You may want a vocalist, a musician or even a band to provide live music and we will assist you to have this included in the ceremony.

Representative tributes

It may be that your loved one held membership in a particular group or was a returned service person. We can assist in the inclusion of tributes such as the Services Tribute to Veterans by the RSL or other associated Veteran’s groups, lodge services and other worthy tributes. It may be that members of some clubs, groups or associations may wish to honour your loved one by offering to be pallbearers or forming a guard of honour at the service.

Note: This list of options is by no means complete. The options are only limited by the client’s imagination.

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