Memorials gain greater meaning as time passes
. Regardless of whether burial or cremation is chosen, decisions regarding a memorial do not have to be made immediately. There are many practical decisions to be made in the first few days after a death, and deciding on appropriate wording styles and themes for a memorial is usually best left for a later time.

In the days and weeks ahead your thoughts could alter dramatically as perspective returns and you are more able to consider how meaningful a memorial can be.

With cremation or burial, the visitation or gathering at the memorial site in the weeks, months and years after the funeral, can give families opportunity to reflect on the reality of a loved one’s passing and what this means to those that are left behind. It is a thoughtful consideration to take into account the possible desire of future generations to view a memorial.

A visible memorial will often become even more meaningful and important as time passes, and there may be descendants yet to be born who will want to locate and spend time at a site dedicated to their long-ago ancestors.
 Having somewhere to visit by the family for generations to come is a thoughtful consideration.

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