Funeral Options

We believe that our role as funeral directors is to facilitate the funeral to meet the needs and desires of the bereaved and we will do our utmost to achieve this.

The ceremony needs to be a fitting farewell and a celebration of the loved one’s life.
 We believe that it is important that the ceremony centres around the life of the deceased and creates a positive memory for the family. It should also comply with the rituals of the many religious faiths or non-religious beliefs of our diverse community.

The farewell needs to show that it is a meaningful response to the loss of a loved one and may include:

    • A church service of your choice
    • Morleys Lakes Chapel Service
    • Woongarra Crematorium Chapel Service
    • A graveside service
    • A service at other venues such as the family home, parks/gardens/beaches and other approved locations
    • A Memorial service

All of these options may be public or private services.