Coffins and Caskets

At Morleys Funerals we have a comprehensive selection of coffins and caskets to choose from. We stock simple basic lines, through to the mid-range coffins, up to the most lavish caskets.


These are tapered in shape, usually with a screw-down top and various types of construction such as cardboard, composite board and natural timber. They can vary from very basic units, to highly crafted and elegant or bold, stylish designs.

These are usually rectangular in shape, with a hinged top, constructed from natural timbers or metal. They have lavish finishes and style and are in the upper level of the price range. Some of our suppliers offer a free memorial tree planting programme with some models of their caskets.

At Morleys Funerals you will not be under any pressure to choose expensive lines, but they are also available and on display in our large display room.

CLICK HERE to download a PDF with a selection of coffins and caskets

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